Ongoing training for better security

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Pick the most important themes for your employees. Get a customized webinar training with a recording for later usage.

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Cyber training tha focuses on what matters

You can pick or we can recommend through a survey, which are the most important cyber security themes to train for your employees, to get the maximum benefit with minimum effort.

Pick the themes for cyber training

Our most popular themes include:
- cyber fraud techniques
- malware
- remote / moving work policies
- general cyber security policies
- personal data processing

Unit-based targeting

When needed, we'll arrange separate trainings for people from different units to ensure the relevance of material.

Webinar for live participation

We'll handle the invitations and all organizing for a webinar, which allows participants to take part from wherever and ask questions from our experts.

Recording for everything else

Everyone can't be available on the webinar and people come and go. We'll host and provide you a link to a recording, which you can use for 1 year.

Frequently asked questions

Spot passive users and apps, know which data is used and offboard efficiently.


How is this product priced?

Anti-phishing product is priced according to the amount of active users whose web usage is being monitored using our browser extension.