Show your compliance with the GDPR

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Document the data protection basics and use our automated reporting to demonstrate compliance with GDPR and other relevant regulations.

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Demonstrate how you invest in data protection

Documentation and reporting are essential in ensuring compliance with GDPR and other current or upcoming data protection regulations.

Delegate responsibilities

Dashboard shows you an overview and lets you define, who is responsible for each part of the plan.

List assets and security measures

Own sections for: 
- IT assets (e.g. data systems)
- data protection assets (e.g. registers)
- and security measures (e.g. backups)

Document in detail

Ready-made template questions help you document all the required information for compliance.

Use automated reporting

Templates for each compliance areas of GDPR:
- records of processing activities
- risks and security measures
- data transfer
- and many others

Frequently asked questions

Spot passive users and apps, know which data is used and offboard efficiently.


How is this product priced?

Anti-phishing product is priced according to the amount of active users whose web usage is being monitored using our browser extension.