Appcover browser extension

Extension is needed to support employees and gather important cyber security data. Extension works only in sync with appcover account.

Appcover for Chrome
Appcover browser extension for Google Chrome provides all the basic functionality.
Version 1.1.7
Appcover for Firefox
Appcover browser extension for Mozilla's Firefox provides all the basic functionality.
Version 1.1.7
Appcover for Edge
Appcover browser extension for Microsoft's Edge provides all the basic functionality.
Created by Agendium Ltd, trusted by leading companies


What payment methods do you offer?
We handle payments through our payment service provider Stripe Inc. There are many payment methods to choose from, e.g. credit cards, SEPA direct debit and Paypal.
Can I get a trial of the paid versions?
Unfortunately no. You can use the free version as long as you'd like, but will need Pro for premium features. The paid versions are billed monthly though, so it's not a tricky decision.
What if I need help?
You'll have a chat support at your disposal in the actual product. We're also offering online help articles and you can always reach us at
What does the employee amount mean on the pricing?
Appcover is priced by how many employees you want to have using the browser extension and thus reporting data into your account. The bigger the crew, the more you benefit from improved security, access management and reduced costs.

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